Beautiful, handcrafted, custom made and personalised photographic, scrapbook and memory albums and printed coffee table books  - the perfect way to store and display your precious memories.

Our range of albums are individually designed and crafted from recycled board. They can be crafted in a range of sizes from 20cm x 20cm square to large 40cm x 30cm formats and can contain traditional scrapbooking wallets, card stock and/or vellum pages. They can be covered in a range of materials including Indian cotton and fibre papers, gift wrap, wall paper, fabric, book cloth and faux leather and can contain bespoke printed internal pages and personalised panels and titles.

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Book cloth and paper albums

Our book cloth and paper albums are made with gorgeous, high quality Indian cotton papers - rich with colour and texture, stunning, delicate Japanese Chiyogamo papers or smooth cotton and silk book cloth in a range of beautiful shades. They can also be made with quality gift wrap and leatherette cloth. 


Decorated and embellished albums

Adding decoration to an album creates a truly unique look. Albums can be covered with plain cotton paper, book cloth, felt, fabric or wallpaper and then decorated with a bespoke pattern or cut out, motif, embellishments and all manner of memorabilia - we've even fixed a horse shoe to the front of an album!


Custom designed canvas covered albums

Our custom designed canvas covered albums are the ultimate personalised gift. The design is created to the customer's specifications using photos, memorabilia, words and complimentary graphics and then printed

onto canvas and bound around the frame of the album. It can then be decorated or embellished - a truly unique album.

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Custom printed internal pages

We offer traditional scrapbooking wallets or card stock inserts for the internal pages. The card stock comes in a variety of colours and is cut from large format sheets which allows full flexibility with regards to size, style and required finish.  Inserts can be left plain or bespoke printed with graphics, names, destinations and events for a truly unique finish.


Custom made coffee table books

Our digital scrapbooking and photographic albums can be printed onto high quality photographic paper and placed into albums or printed into beautiful coffee table books. A thoroughly modern alternative to traditional scrapbooking albums and a very efficient and cost effective way to produce several copies for friends and family.


Prices and shop

All our albums are made to order and custom made / bespoke so prices do vary but here is quick guide and link to the shop.

All prices quoted are for a 14" x 13" handcrafted album with 10 traditional scrapbooking leaves,

12" x 12" in size (giving 20 sides in total) and exclude delivery.

Album covered in book cloth or Indian cotton paper

from £45

Album covered in book cloth or Indian cotton paper with added decoration

from £55


Album covered in a bespoke printed canvas cover

from £95

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If you would love to celebrate or commemorate the life of someone close to you, the history of a company, association or building or are a looking for a unique personalised gift, get in touch. We would love to help you realise your project.

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