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"Thank you for the very informative course you gave on scrapbooking. I also wanted to let you know that the group were very pleased with their books and have given some lovely feedback in the evaluation forms.

Oldham Local Studies and Archives

Digital Scrapbooking project

If you have an idea for a project that involves scrapbooking or commemorating stories or memories from your local area, we can provide advice, expertise and a range of services that can help you structure, define and deliver the project.


We have worked with community groups, registered charities and local businesses helping them define funding needs and providing on-site courses and guidance, workshops and post project support. Community events that celebrate their history and achievements can be handcrafted or digitally produced, offering a wide range of options.

We can also provide craft and scrapbooking projects to schools, community groups, charities and private social groups.

We are:

Collaborating with an organisation that is working with schools in the North West with a view to providing an onsite scrapbooking course that helps students document the challenges they faced at home and school during the Pandemic of 2020/21.

We have:

Worked with the Bournville Village Trust residents to commemorate their Centenary producing coffee table books that document life in and around the Cadbury's factory in Bournville, Birmingham.

Delivered craft and scrapbooking courses to local community groups.

Worked with Oldham Local Studies and Archives department to structure and deliver a digital scrapbooking course to local residents. An on-site workshop was provided along with off-site post project support.

Worked with Ambitious About Autism to produce coffee table books that documents the amazing work they do.

Delivered a scrapbooking course to young offenders with mental health challenges in a high security detention centre.​

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If you are looking at providing a heritage, community, business, school or social project that involves scrapbooking do get in touch. We would love to help you realise your project.

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