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Oh so modern hybrid scrapbooking

If you use your computer to add elements to your scrapbook pages, this is known as Hybrid Scrapbooking. It allows far more flexibility for text, titles and photos and is oh-so thoroughly modern.

This '3 Queens' layout for a lovely client in Switzerland, is a classic example of a vintage style layout with a modern hybrid twist.

As the letter was very long and too big for the page, I retyped it and tucked the folded original into a pocket on the front. It keeps it safe for the recipient to read whenever they chose.

SCRAPBOOKING TIP: If I have a lot of text to get on a page and no room for paragraphs, I use decorative motifs (like the stars here) in a complimentary colour to indicate the paragraph breaks in the letter.

I also always use a decorative script font in a complimentary colour for the introduction and the signature; it isn't the contributors hand writing but it helps to give that impression.

Converted BW photo sits behind a die cut & embossed frame.

Decorative script font contrasts against the plain (50's style) text body font

The original letter tucked inside a hand made pocket. The pocket also offers space and opportunity for a design element too - here a number 3 (part of the title) is placed on top of a vintage lace circle.

So cool.

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