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This beautiful My Travels handcrafted box album is approx 25cm x 20cm


The album is covered in world map paper (southern hemisphere option shown) and finished with a decorative metal bookplate to the front. Secured using hidden magnets. Brown paper to the inside cover with fixed photo frame with trinket/tag and pocket to the front and 6 fixed envelope pockets in which to put tickets, notes and travel memorabilia along with a CD pocket to the back. 6 double internal pages set to central spine with posts giving 24 workable sides on which to craft or journal (option of 6 additional pages are available giving 48 workable sides).


Can be fully customisable - we can print the title for you to fill the bookplate on the front and can add names and places to the frame.


Cover paper is available in 2 options  - please indicate when ordering.
Northern hemisphere map (North America, Europe)
Southern hemishpere map (South America, Australasia, Far East)


A perfect little album to document a trip, holiday or event.


Designer paper options:

World map
NYC Postcards
Italy Postcards
San Francisco
New Zealand
Asia Map
Amsterdam Map
Florence Map

My Travels Scrapbook / photo album

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